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Coaching Contacts

The coaching panel for 2018 includes the following personnel:

  • Field Umpires Coaches/Observers
    • Brett Cryer
    • Paul Dimartino
    • Peter Howe
    • Bruce Pain
    • Steve Sutton
    • Bob Taylor
    • Geoff Tressider
    • René van Kuyk
    • Mark Westgarth
  • Boundary Umpires Coaches/Observers
    • Craig Gurrie
    • Henry Strzadala
    • Richard Watt
    • Maree Wilke
  • Goal Umpires Coaches/Observers
    • Rod Davies
    • Graeme Hodgart
    • Leo Keating

Academy staff are listed in the relevant academy pages.

Contact Details

The following contact details can be used to get in touch with members of the WRFL Umpires' coaching panel who form the WRFL Umpires Appointment Board.

Director of Umpiring Mark Westgarth 0448 050 433
Field Umpires Coach Paul Dimartino 0413 270 605
Boundary Umpires Coach Maree Wilke  0417 510 894
Goal Umpires Coach  Graeme Hodgart 0414 995 960
Administrator René van Kuyk 0405 718 630

About Us

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Practice Matches

18 Mar 2015

Appointments to some practice matches have been made pending availability checks. This document will be updated as changes are made, but please check your appointments and contact Rene or your coach ASAP if unavailable or if unsure of where you're supposed to be and when. Read More