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Another great benefit of umpiring is that you will be paid for all the fun and fitness you have. Umpiring is a hobby, so it's considered tax-free, and on top of that you can do multiple games each week if you're feeling up to it!

Umpiring is a tax-free, paid activity. It's considered a hobby by the Australian Taxation Office (you will need to fill out some paperwork when you first start umpiring that states this) which means you can concentrate on getting fit and not worrying about submitting tax returns (or it impacting on your everyday income if you're already working).

Pay rates vary depending on the level of umpiring you're performing, the type of umpiring, and whether you're umpiring finals or not.

As a general rule, the higher the grade of umpiring, the higher the pay level. Field umpires are paid the most, followed by boundary umpires and then goal umpires.

Finals generally have some extra loading which means if you're good enough to get a final, you'll get paid just that little bit extra to make it even more worthwhile.

When Do I Get Paid?

Payments are made monthly in arrears, around the middle of the month, and are paid directly into your bank account. This means two things:

  • it's imperative you give us your correct bank details; and,
  • you'll receive your first payment in about mid-May

If you don't get paid on time or you think they've forgotten you, please get in touch and let us know so we can investigate!

Practice Matches

Pre-season practice matches are paid differently to regular games. Please read more about practice match pay here.

Pay Rates

2017 pay rates can be downloaded below.


If there are any questions or issues with payments, please contact your coaching staff.


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