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Grand Final Records

From here you can find out the history of our grand finals and grand final appointments.


Field Boundary Goal
Division 1 Seniors (A1 Seniors)
Parkside 9.7.61 d Sunshine Districts 7.8.50
  • Ted Townsend
Division 2 Seniors (A2 Seniors Section 1)
North Footscray 8.19.67 d Footscray & Yarraville Socials 9.10.64
  • George Harder
Division 2 Seniors (A2 Seniors Section 1)
6th Melbourne Scouts 15.18.108 d West Footscray 5.4.34
  • Keith Jackson
Under 18A
Spotswood 16.7.103 d West Footscray 8.8.56
  • Ted Townsend