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Grand Final Records

From here you can find out the history of our grand finals and grand final appointments.


Field Boundary Goal
Division 1 Seniors (A1 Seniors)
Spotswood 10.15.75 d North Footscray 9.13.67
  • Ian McDonald
Division 2 Seniors (A2 Seniors Section 1)
Parkside 12.10.82 d Albion 5.4.34
  • Pat Gurrie
Under 17A
Footscray 4th XVIII 13.12.90 d Spotswood 9.17.71
  • Bob Madigan
Under 17B
Braybrook 12.10.82 d Albion 7.16.58
  • Wayne Watts


Richards Jody 2018 Boundary full

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