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Information for Umpires


WRFL By-Laws

There are specific ways to umpire the game at the local level. The first port of call for all rules is the AFL Laws of the Game, but in certain circumstances there are specific additional or alternative laws that need to be administered at the local level. Read More


Umpire Dress & Presentation Standards

As WRFL Umpires, we are paid to do a job, and to do that job properly we must look and act professionally at all times. Presentation and our dress and bearing, including arriving and departing from games, is of utmost importance. Read More

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Boundary Umpire 101

Get up to speed with the basics of boundary umpiring with this Boundary Umpiring 101 guide prepared by boundary umpires coach, Leigh Rowbottom. Read More


Boundary Umpire Finals Ranking

With the finals rapidly approaching, many boundary umpires will be wondering about how they've travelled in 2015. Read More


Three Boundary Umpires

Positioning and working as a team in a three-boundary umpire scenario is different to the usual two-umpire environment. This guide will help you improve your umpiring. Read More

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WRFL Modified Junior Rules

The following is a summary of the modified rules that apply to junior competitions in the WRFL. Read More

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Boundary Umpire Positioning Guide

Positioning is assisted by having awareness and anticipation in reading and following play. Positioning is the key in ensuring good and correct decision making. Read More

Training Notes

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Wednesday 6th July 2016

This weeks group coaching session was focused on team work, leading into both junior and senior finals. Read More

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Wednesday 22nd July 2015

This week's coaching session was focussed on the lead-up to senior finals, umpire performance, communication, and instructions for umpiring and conduct at Junior Finals. Read More

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Boundary Umpires Coaching Session

The last boundary umpires coaching session, held by Boundary Coach Leigh Rowbottom, is available to view on YouTube, or embedded here in the WRFL Umpires website. Read More

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Wednesday 6th May 2015

This week's coaching session was around communication and working as a team. In addition, there was an emphasis on working hard as number two or an off-the-ball umpire, not switching off, and setting up for the next act of play. Read More

Wednesday 8th Apr 2015

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Field Umpires meet prior to Round 1 2015 to discussion the umpiring directives and new By-Laws for Season 2015. The key points where protection of the ball player, the sling tackle and water persons Download now Read More

Wednesday 25th Feb 2015

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The first compulsory group session of 2015 and had an information session for all umpires. We discussed who the coaches are for 2015, what the training times and locations are, eligibility criteria around umpiring Division 1 games, changes to the Green Shirt program and the launch of the new website. Download now Read More

Season 2018 Planner

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Stay up to date with training dates during the season. Here you'll be able to find out exactly when and where training is at the click of a button. See the Season 2018 Planner below... Read More

Umpire Appointments

2018 Senior Finals Week 2

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 8 & 9 September 2018. Download now Read More

2018 Senior Finals Week 1

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 1 & 2 September 2018. Download now Read More

2018 Round 18

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 25 & 26 August 2018. Download now Read More

2018 Junior Grand Finals

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Umpiring appointments for all 2018 Junior Grand Final matches. Download now Read More

2018 Round 17

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 18 & 19 August 2018. Download now Read More

2018 Round 16

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 11 & 12 August 2018. Download now Read More

2018 Round 15

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 4 & 5 August 2018. Download now Read More

2018 Round 14

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Umpiring appointments for all matches on 28 & 29 July 2018. Download now Read More

Umpire Registration


WRFL Umpire Registration emails have been sent to registered email addresses. Please check your emails and follow the bouncing ball to complete your registration. Read More

Rule Focus


Holding The Ball

Holding the ball, the most contentious issue in AFL laws of the game since the 1880s, is classified under four scenarios by the AFL umpiring department: prior opportunity, diving on the ball, reasonable attempt and illegal disposal. Read More



The AFL provides an AFL Accredited Umpire program and this year, all field, boundary and goal umpires are required to undertake at least Level 1 Accreditation. For those looking to get into more senior levels of umpiring, a Level 2 Accreditation is required. Read More


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The following resources might be found useful by both umpires and clubs alike. Read More

WRFL Grounds


The teams in the WRFL have grounds from Wyndhamvale and Manor Lakes right through to Port Melbourne, and from Point Cook to Caroline Springs and St Albans. Use this map to locate the grounds by name. Read More