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The following resources might be found useful by both umpires and clubs alike.

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Laws of the Game (AFL)

The AFL website is a great resource for umpires, players and spectators alike. This particular one should be read by all coaches, players, officials and umpires who are involved in our great game. It might help avoid a lot of misunderstanding on match day! Read More

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AFL Umpires Website

The AFL Umpires website has a plethora of information for current and future umpires. If you can't find something on here, then why not see if the AFL have information available on their site? Read More

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Get in the Game

The Get in the Game campaign was recently launched by the AFL to encourage more people to take up umpiring. If you want to take up umpiring, you can either contact us directly, or use the AFL's form to find your local league's contact details. Read More


Umpire Accreditation

It is mandatory for all umpires of Australian Football to be accredited. Accreditation provides the umpire with the knowledge required to ensure a match they are officiating in is conducted in a safe and enjoyable way. There are two levels of accreditation for umpires of Australian Football. Level 1 (Introductory Accreditation) provides the umpire with the basic fundamentals, whilst Level 2 (Advanced Accreditation) advances the umpire’s skill development. Read More



Contact Us

14 Jan 2015

Getting in touch with the WRFL umpires (and even becoming an umpire) is as simple as a phone call, an email, or the click of a button! Read More