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Training Notes (Wednesday 25th Feb 2015)

The first compulsory group session of 2015 and had an information session for all umpires. We discussed who the coaches are for 2015, what the training times and locations are, eligibility criteria around umpiring Division 1 games, changes to the Green Shirt program and the launch of the new website.


Coaches for 2015 are as follows:

  • Field: Mark Westgarth, Mark Mather, Rene van Kuyk
  • Boundary: Leigh Rowbottom, Richard Watt, Maree Wilke, Donna McDowell
  • Goal: Graeme Hodgart, Leo Keating, David Wright
  • Junior Coach: Mark Mather


Academies will be run at Mackillop and Caroline Springs in 2015.

Mackillop will be headed by Mathew Westgarth; Caroline Springs by Phil Henderson.

Core Values

Our core values will remain unchanged until the end of 2015, then be reviewed.

  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Example

Training & Group Sessions

An updated training program planner will be released soon, but note the following details:

  • Coaching sessions will generally be every 2 weeks (rather than every month) and will be a WHOLE group meeting, rather than split (field, boundary, goals) meetings as per last year.
  • All group meetings will have training beforehand (unlike last year where group sessions were just the meeting).
  • Training will commence at 5:45pm and the meeting will commence at 7:15pm.

Session Times

The major change for 2015 is that once the season starts, there will be no Monday night training. If you wish to train at Scovell or socialize, you may do so and the rooms will be open, but otherwise there is no compulsory session at Scovell.

The trainer will continue to be available at Scovell on Monday to treat injuries or soreness.

Other than that, session times are as per last year:

  • Pre-season only: Monday @ Scovell
  • Tuesday @ Saltwater
  • Wednesday @ Scovell
  • Thursday @ Saltwater

Academies will continue to run on Monday nights.


Appointments will be distributed at 12pm on Wednesday.

Eligibility to Umpire Division 1

This will remain as per 2014, except you only need to attend 1 night of training. If you cannot attend, please ring your coach.

Six of the top 12 umpires from 2014 are not umpiring Division 1 in 2015, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the up-and-comers.

The WRFL has committed to 3 field umpires in all Division 1 Senior games in 2015.

No change from 2014: If you cannot umpire due to injury, illness, family or work you will umpire in Division 2 or 3 the following weekend, unless someone else pulls out and you need to sub for them. If you sub, then you'll be back to Division 2 or 3 to complete this return process the following week.

Video Tape

All Division 1 Senior games will be videotapes professionally in 2015.

Green Shirt Program

The Green Shirt program will be replaced in 2015 with a "trainee umpire" bib (like a netball bib).


The WRFL Umpires website was officially launched. Keep visiting to keep up-to-date on all the happenings at Scovell, Saltwater and the Academies.