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Training Notes (Wednesday 6th July 2016)

This weeks group coaching session was focused on team work, leading into both junior and senior finals.

Team Work:

All three disciplines, field, boundary and goal need to talk to each other:


-Quarter and half time breaks and


The pre-game focus needs to be on weather and ground conditions, team tactics and possible match ups, 2 or 3 umpire system for boundary and field and coaching advice that was given in the recent coaching sessions. If you were not able to attend the coaching session and your partner/s did, then we need to communicate what was discussed and how that needs to be implemented into our game plan.

During the breaks we need to talk about, what is working, what can I/we improve on and how can we support each other.

Post-game is reflecting about what worked well, what have I/we learnt today and what can we feed back to the group.

With finals just a few weeks away it is critical that our team work is a focus in our game plan.


Please keep your availability up to date as appointments are allocated on Sunday night for the following week. In that, if you do not accept your appointment by FRIDAY 12 NOON you will be replaced. This is critical, given junior finals are two weeks away and senior finals are 6 weeks away.


Boots/runners need to be CLEAN prior to umpiring your game. NO jewellery is to be worn, especially ear rings and piercings. 


No appointments exist yet.


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Practice Matches

18 Mar 2015

Appointments to some practice matches have been made pending availability checks. This document will be updated as changes are made, but please check your appointments and contact Rene or your coach ASAP if unavailable or if unsure of where you're supposed to be and when. Read More