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Training Notes (Wednesday 8th Apr 2015)

Field Umpires meet prior to Round 1 2015 to discussion the umpiring directives and new By-Laws for Season 2015. The key points where protection of the ball player, the sling tackle and water persons

The key umpiring directives for Season 2015 are:

  • Protect the ball player
  • Penalise all illegal tackles
  • Players are not permitted to sit or lie on an opponents back, head or shoulder

Stricter interpretation of Holding the Man - sling tackle:

The sling tackle is rare in senior football however as the skill level of the players decrease the increase in sling tackling occurs. The focus is therefore in under-age football but not excluding senior football. 

If a player slings a player by the jumper and fails to release the player the instant he or she disposes of the ball, the tackler will be free kicked for holding the man.

The focus is to provide safety for the player gaining possession with the onus on the tackler not to sling the player but grab and or hold the player.

By-Law 5.3 Water Person:

Clubs are entitled to field a maximum of five (5) persons to deliver water inclusive of trainers. At least one (1) of those MUST be a registered trainer.

Each water person is required to sign the team sheet and must wear a pink vest (this week some clubs may not have their new pink vests, therefore they can wear their green from last year) with an associated number on the vest as reflected on the team sheet.

Water persons are required to be stationed in marked locations against the arena fence and adjacent to the intersections of the boundary line and 50 metre arc, when not delivering water.

Please check the markings are present on the ground, as per the By-Laws, and if not marked, please record on the green sheet.

If you are umpiring junior football please check the By-Laws which are on the WRFL website under Admin

PowerPoint Slideshow

I have attached the PowerPoint slideshow in PDF format for further information and please speak to your partner prior to umpiring on the weekend.



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