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Rule Focus

Think you know all there is to know about the rules of our great game? Think again! Most of the rules we're taught by our parents and grandparents are exactly right, and it's not until you become an umpire that you begin to appreciate this.

No wonder nobody ever thinks the men in white are doing a good job!

In this section, Director of Umpiring Mark Westgarth attempts to demystify some of the more mystifying rules, starting with a crowd-favourite.



Holding The Ball

Holding the ball, the most contentious issue in AFL laws of the game since the 1880s, is classified under four scenarios by the AFL umpiring department: prior opportunity, diving on the ball, reasonable attempt and illegal disposal. Read More


2017 Jnrs 20

Become an Umpire

2 Feb 2015

An increasing number of young people, male and female, are choosing to be part of our great game as field, boundary or goal umpires. Umpiring is exciting, fun, great for fitness, and offers the best seat in the house! Read More