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Executive Committee

The executive committee manages the day-to-day operations of the WRFLUA and work with the WRFL to manage umpiring in the western region.

The 2018 executive committee is:

  • Steve Sutton (President)
  • Adrian O'Donnell (Vice President)
  • Vaughan Garner (Treasurer)
  • Terry O'Donnell (Secretary)
  • Geoff Tresidder (Assistant Secretary)
  • vacant (Social)
  • Peter Auld, Henry McFerran, Colin Hood and Jason Murray (Floor Members)

Together this team of staff is the administrative workhorse behind everything that goes on in the association, from social events and paying bills to ensuring that umpires are represented at tribunals.

When you get a chance, thank them (and their families) for the effort that they put in!

If you have any association queries, contact Terry O'Donnell on 0439 724 545.


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Practice Matches

18 Mar 2015

Appointments to some practice matches have been made pending availability checks. This document will be updated as changes are made, but please check your appointments and contact Rene or your coach ASAP if unavailable or if unsure of where you're supposed to be and when. Read More