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Life Members

20170902C Life Tim Maloney DSCN1536

Life Membership of the WRFLUA is awarded to members of the Association annually, and only if nominations are received. A maximum of 2 inductions can be made per year, and a minimum of 10 years service as a member plus a significant contribution to the Association during that time is required in order to have a nomination accepted for consideration.

Nominations are made by the Executive but nominations can also be submitted by members. Nominations made by members must include a nominator and a seconder and must include a brief outline of the contribution made by the person they wish to nominate.

The Executive makes the final decision on all nominations.

Inducted Name
2016 Tim Maloney
2016 Paul DiMartino
2015 John Sutton
2015 Paul Claughton
2014 Philip Henderson
2014 Evan Eliopoulos
2013 Alan Pascoe
2013 Brett Carter
2012 John Manikis
2011 Shane Carland
2011 Andrew Fregonese
2010 David Wright
2009 Paul Battaglia
2009 Dean Portelli
2007 Ian Cox
2006 Graeme Hodgart
2006 Geoff Tresidder
2005 Steve Sutton
2003 Adrian O'Donnell
2003 John Shadlow
2001 Richard Watt
2001 Alan Shutt
2000 Leo Keating
2000 Joy Cox
1999 Bruce Pain
1998 Rae Cloke
1997 Peter Daglish
1996 Terry McGarity
1995 Mark Mather
1995 Terry O'Donnell
1994 Michael Hudson (dec.)
1994 Alf Galea
1993 Kim Bright
1992 Noel Bunce
1990 Stan Mielczarek (dec.)
1990 Ian McKerracher
1989 Phillip Snow
1988 Neil Moorfoot (dec.)
1985 John Booker
1985 Darrell Honey
1984 Peter Chettle (dec.)
1984 Joan Saville (dec.)
1983 Alwyn (Jim) Rayner
1983 Noel Grant
1982 Eric Knight (dec.)
1982 Henry McFerran
1981 L Schwartz
1978 Alan Clough
1977 Roy Manton
1976 Keith Marchioni
1975 Robert (Bob) Madigan
1974 Peter Starford
1973 Kevin Lewis
1972 Wally Hopkins
1971 Geoff Shorthouse
1971 Peter Gurrie
1970 Keith Greig
1968 John McDonald
1967 Geoff McDonald
1967 John Griffith
1966 Graham Saville
1965 John Massey
1964 Kevin Hardiman
1963 R Cahill
1962 K Howarth
1962 P Skinner
1961 P Blackburn
1961 Frank Lane (dec.)
1961 W Egan
1960 Harold Mason (dec.)
1959 W Clayton
1959 J Lee
1959 B Wright
1957 H Harwood
1957 Norm Self
1956 W Staley
1954 J Bray
1954 A Pannell
1953 A Robinson
1953 E Hunter
1952 R G Hobba
1952 J Carney
1951 T Townsend
1951 G Harder
1950 J Fisher
1950 Alf Self
1949 K Jackson
1948 R Jones
1948 W Hutchison



Annual Golf Day

15 Mar 2015

The 2015 Henry McFerran Cup (Annual Golf Day) will be held on Sunday 15th March at 12:30pm. If you can play golf (or even if you can't - let's face it, who really can anyway?) get along and help prevent Paul Battaglia from taking out the trophy for yet another year! Read More