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News (2017)

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WRFL Update and 2017 Registration

Following discussions between the WRFL, Umpires Director Mark Westgarth and the WRFLUA, the following has resulted: Read More

henry aus day

WRFL Umpire Shorts - Jan/Feb 2017

As pre-season nears, we take a quick look about what's been happening in our umpiring circles. Read More

jarod sutton

WRFL Umpire Shorts - March/April 2017

We're well into the season now and there's been plenty going on in the group. Read More


2017 Hotel 520 Friday Night Raffles

The WRFLUA are running Hotel 520's Friday night raffle again in 2017...volunteers required. Read More


An era ends...a new one starts

At the WRFL Umpires Association 2017 Annual General Meeting (22nd October) there was a big change in executive members... Read More