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WRFL Academies Starting Soon

The WRFL Umpiring Academies at Mackillop and Caroline Springs start training on Monday 2nd March and Monday 16th March respectively with a 7pm introductory information session about the 2015 season.

The initial sessions will be an information session for new and/or younger umpires only. These sessions are not compulsory for umpires who have already done a year or more in the system.

Umpires who are in their second year can attend the academy however umpires in their third year are encouraged to attend training at either Scovell or Saltwater so they can further develop their umpiring skills. The reason for this is that training at the academies is largely focussed around easing an umpire into the business of umpiring, with a particular emphasis on beginner information. As such, more experienced umpires may not necessarily find the skills and sessions as challenging and their learning may stall.

In addition, much of the work at the academies is skills and information based and an umpire is surrounded by peers who share a similar level of experience. When an umpire becomes more experienced it becomes more important for them to not only experience what the rest of the umpires do in terms of training, but also to continue to improve their physical fitness and to interact with the larger umpiring body, in particular umpires with many years experience. This takes place primarily at the main training venues of Scovell Reserve (in Maidstone) and Saltwater Reserve (in Point Cook) on Mondays and Wednesdays (for Scovell) and Tuesdays and Thursdays (for Saltwater).

Information Session Times


MacKillop College, Monday 2nd March at 7pm

Caroline Springs

Caroline Springs FC City Oval, Monday 16th March at 7pm

For more information, please contact us.